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The Beach Club

Today, the beach has been greatly improved. The facilities are excellent.

The club has well kept changing rooms, showers and lavatories. Our new entrance, administrative office and three gift shops are also quite inviting. The gift shops house a cyber café, a logo shop and a sundries shop. Beach chairs, umbrellas and lilos can be rented daily, the beach is manicured every morning and the translucent waters which the doctors recognized as buoyant and invigorating have not changed.


Although many other beaches have some of the qualities of Doctor's Cave, none have all of them. The new "Groovy Grouper" Beach Bar and Grill provide a great variety of meals and drinks. Come and enjoy our great famous beach on your next visit to Montego Bay! Doctor's Cave is also a part of the Montego Bay Marine Park which has a wide variety of marine life among the coral reefs.

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